The New York Yankees are bombing it.

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The New York Yankees are loosing on there one chance of winning the World Series. New York is shedding in tears. Someone on Fox Sports posted, “that is messed up. Were going to miss the captain.” The only way there going to get to the World Series is good luck or getting a bettor team.

The team need to rebuild on, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, Nick Swisher, and the man behind the batter Jose Posada. They need a new line up, and pitching staff to even get to the final four. The New York Yankees are loosening there fantasy points!!!


United States Navy

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Today it Veterans Day. Most people have a family member in there family how was or is, in the Army. I have my grand father. He was a cook in the army. He cooked for the solders in a summary in the US. I want you to say someone in you’r family how are one of the people that fought for this country.Image

Jinxed – almost

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Michael Nebrich was not in most of the game, but Peter Maezold was playing for, 3 and half quarters and played amazingly. In the beginning Carlton Koonce the Running Back caught a short pass from Mike Nebrick, and then he ran the ball 20 yards and got a touchdown.In the third quarter it was 7-10 Fordham was winning. Peter Meatzold was Quarter Back, he was at the 36 yard line and he fired to Sam Ajala at the 34 yard line on Fordham’s side and he ran a touchdown. At the last 2 seconds it was 23-21 Fordham was up by 2. Bucknell was going to get the Field goal when Jake Dixon smacked the ball when it was going up in the air and Fordham won 23-21.

I, Jonah Shainberg almost jinxed the Fordham Rams for winning by 2 points. My friend, Maury Aram went  to the game with me, and he jinxed those two interceptions by, Ian Williams by saying it was going to be intercepted.

It was senior’s day in Fordham, some of the seniors were, Brett Biestek, Thomas Fisher, Carlton Koonce, Jake Rodriques, Andrew Spanarkel, Matt Stolte, Joe Sullivan, George Apostolopoulos, Griffin Murphy, Anthony Pesanello, Steven Tapia, Eli Tenuta, Ian Williams.  I hope they have great careers in their lives.

The Cheerleaders from Fordham had to do 892 push-ups before this game the whole season so far.  They do push-ups after every touchdown.

We axed Bucknell like we axed all the other team’s!!!! GO RAMS!!!!!!!

Post game Fordham vs Lehigh

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Post game Fordham vs Lehigh

Me and Alex getting Sam Ajala’s gloves he used to catch three touchdowns.

Battle of the Unbeatens!

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On October 5 I watched the Fordham vs. Lehigh football game.  This was a very important game for Fordham.  This team had a perfect winning record this  college football season. Fordham hasn’t had all these guys on a team since they beat Lehigh last  in 2007.  


There was a lot of accuracy in the passing and running games for both teams.  It was thrilling to see Carlton Koonce, Sam Ajala, and Tebucky Jones all slam Lehigh again and again on Saturday.  I think the  refs made three horrible calls against Fordham.  But the Rams couldn’t be stopped.


Sam Ajala got a throw from Nebrich from the 50 yard line and made a touchdown.  He was covered by four defensive players and  only covered by two offensive players, Tebucky and Luke, and scored!  That was the best play of the game.


Final score Fordham Rams 52 – Lehigh Mountain Hawks 34.


Talking shop

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Talking shop

Tom Bradley, former Penn State coach and current CBS football commentator, walked up to me today at practice and said, “hey, I know you. You’re Jonah. You’re famous.” I told him about my blog. He was really nice.

He will be at the Fordham game this Saturday.